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I’d like to know more about First Nations protocols – do you offer this information?

We examine protocols in our Professional Learning sessions for teachers, and welcome questions as they arise. We also recommend excellent work by our partner organisation Reconciliation Australia.

Can you support the school to connect to local communities and content?

Relationships with local communities is important work for every school. NEO-Learning cannot instigate these connections, however we encourage schools to build and maintain communications and input from local communities. While we cannot research and make lasting relationships with all of our nations across Australia we always instigate a dialogue where teachers and students can share with pride what they know.

Is it appropriate for our school to engage with NEO-Learning content outside of Western Australia?

There is no single First Nations perspective, and we reinforce this in our work. We work with schools and teachers at a national level and believe our approach is relevant to all regions. We take great care to present information that acknowledges where your students are, at a local level. We strive to celebrate diversity, with confidence that our learning concepts have a ‘big idea’ approach.

Do I need to get permission from our local communities to engage with NEO-Learning?

We encourage all schools to seek advice from and report back to local communities and peak First Nations education consultative groups and education officers. If you would prefer a NEO-Learning educator to speak with representatives from these groups please send us a written request.

NEO-Learning was born on
Ngarluma Ngurra

NEO-Learning acknowledges Ngarluma, Yindjibarndi, Banjima, Marduthunera, Guruma, Nyiyaparli, Kariyarra and all custodians nationally past, present and future.