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What is included in my NEO-Learning membership?

When you become a NEO-Learning member you can access our content and lessons, and book our live delivered Units of Work via our Learning Portal. Bookings for live lessons and workshops can be made in advance and all released educational content such as smartboard ready slideshows, worksheets, and podcasts will be available to you. We also offer our members Professional Learning opportunities, in the form of online workshops.

How much does membership cost?

For the first 30 days access to the Learning Portal is free. In our introductory year, 2021-2022 the annual fee for membership is $39.00 inclusive of GST. To supplement membership fees and make NEO-Learning available to all schools, we work in partnership with funders, sponsors and donors.

Do I need to be a teacher to become a member?

Yes. We made a dedicated portal for teachers to ensure our content is protected and child safety is prioritised. ‘Teachers’ also includes teachers in training, sessional teachers, flexible education and in most cases distance and home schooling.

Curriculum + Learning

How does NEO-Learning meet the curriculum?

We work with the National Curriculum to align across multiple subjects.

Do you have mapped curriculum documents for all content?

We are a small impactful team working towards mapping all content over time, we are working towards these documents as a long-term goal.

What about the proposed Australian curriculum?

We look forward to the transition towards the next revision of the Australian curriculum. For now, we align with the current release. Many advancements in the proposed curriculum are featured in our content – we are ready for the future of classroom learning!

What preparations are required before engaging with NEO-Learning content?

An online safety discussion is a welcome pre-learning activity. We also recommend a discussion around diversity of First Nations peoples across Australia with note to local peoples, language groups and neighbouring nations. We will ask students which nation their school was built on. NEO-Learning suggests you could add local nation/s and peoples to the spelling list.

How do you support students with special needs, or gifted and talented students?

Meeting individual student need is important, so everyone benefits. If you have booked in for a live virtual session you can get in touch to tell us more about your students. We aim to meet any requirements as best we can. Gifted and talented extension tasks can be provided upon request.

Resources + Technology Requirements

What resources are required to engage with NEO-Learning content?

We recommend a device for viewing content as a class (smartboard or projector), a source device (computer connected to the viewing device) and a listening device (speakers).  To engage with virtual sessions you will require a class set of computers or laptops, headphones and ipads for digital arts workshops.

What if our internet is unstable?

Self-serve content can be downloaded for future use, including smartboard ready content, podcasts and some videos.

Stable internet connection is required for live virtual sessions.

What if we don’t have access to a set of iPads?

The NEO-Learning team can tailor your workshop content to desktop computers if required.

What is the best sound setup for live virtual sessions?

Virtual classroom lessons require headphones or sound streamed via teacher connection to centralised speakers.

Can I access content if I don’t have a smartboard?

Yes. Live virtual workshops and interactive slide shows can be accessed from a laptop or computer, and projected onto the class wall.

First Nations Protocols

How does NEO-Learning adhere to First Nations protocols?

We work in partnership with the community of Ieramugadu (Roebourne), Western Australia. This includes resident staff working in community, from our Digital Lab. This partnership allows us to collaborate with community, ensuring ongoing consultation and permissions. Teacher feedback shows that NEO-Learning has been a powerful instigator to further understand of First Nations perspectives. We encourage conversations around diversity of First Nations peoples.

Is it appropriate for our school to engage with NEO-Learning content outside of Western Australia?

There is no single First Nations perspective, and we reinforce this in our work. We work with schools and teachers at a national level and believe our approach is relevant to all regions. We take great care to present information that acknowledges where your students are, at a local level. We strive to celebrate diversity, with confidence that our learning concepts have a ‘big idea’ approach.

Can you support the school to connect to local communities and content?

Relationships with local communities is important work for every school. NEO-Learning cannot instigate these connections, however we encourage schools to build and maintain communications and input from local communities. While we cannot research and make lasting relationships with all of our nations across Australia we always instigate a dialogue where teachers and students can share with pride what they know.

Do I need to get permission from our local communities to engage with NEO-Learning?

We encourage all schools to seek advice from and report back to local communities and peak First Nations education consultative groups and education officers. If you would prefer a NEO-Learning educator to speak with representatives from these groups please send us a written request.

I’d like to know more about First Nations protocols – do you offer this information?

We examine protocols in our Professional Learning sessions for teachers, and welcome questions as they arise. We also recommend excellent work by our partner organisation Reconciliation Australia.

Online Safety

How do you ensure student safety online?

We take online safety seriously. You will receive a policy as part of the booking confirmation, including an ‘online learning risk assessment’. We provide details for each NEO-Learning Educator including Working with Children Checks.

How do I prepare my students behavioural expectations prior to online sessions?

We promote a ‘respectful and safe’ space in our virtual classroom and during live workshops. Students use real first names only, chat with appropriate language and are reminded to stay on topic in the chat. We ask teachers to be familiar with guidelines and advice from the Department of Education and the eSafety Commissioner.

What is the NEO-Learning policy on privacy?

You can read up on our Privacy Policy here.

Bookings + Purchases

How do I book live delivered sessions and workshops?

Bookings for live delivery are available to NEO-Learning members. To submit a booking request, click the “Book sessions” button on the resource page. This will activate a pop-up window where you can choose preferred days of the week, and morning or afternoon slots. Once submitted, a NEO-Learning team member will be in touch to arrange your sessions. For information on our bookings policy, click here

Does NEO-Learning offer refunds or credits?

NEO-Learning has a policy on purchases, refunds and credits in relation to memberships and purchases of Professional Learning event tickets. You can read all about it here, or you can email one of our friendly staff at neolearning@bighart.org

NEO-Learning was born on
Ngarluma Ngurra

NEO-Learning acknowledges Ngarluma, Yindjibarndi, Banjima, Marduthunera, Guruma, Nyiyaparli, Kariyarra and all custodians nationally past, present and future.