It’s an excellent day!

The NEO-Learning team and Roebourne community are so thrilled to bring this education platform to you.

New Learning Platform drives understanding of First Nations perspectives in schools

“NEO-Learning provides a wonderful opportunity to use digital media as a tool for change” says Michelle Adams, a Yindjibarndi emerging elder from Roebourne. “Students walk through a virtual door and learn from our First Nations young people. It’s a new way of learning that takes the world’s oldest living culture.”

Big hART was first invited to work with the Roebourne community by senior women Elders in 2010 and through deep community consultation work with the community, has been driving impact through transformational projects and art. Co-created by First Nations young people from Ieramagadu (Roebourne) and inspired by Big hART’s internationally acclaimed futuristic comic NEOMAD, NEO-Learning is designed by young people, for young people and supports inquiry-based learning.

NEO-Learning is designed to give all Australian primary school teachers and students access to high quality First Nations digital arts content and lessons with creativity at its heart. NEO-Learning provides Australian teachers and their students with a modern and energetic new mode of learning, fulfilling cross-curriculum objectives across all states with smartboard-ready resources, live virtual experiences, original films and digital content including a podcast series.

 NEO-Learning offers virtual classrooms with live educators, accessible anywhere in the country, as well as on-demand lessons and classroom activities.

The platform is designed to strengthen the Australian Curriculum requirements that all teachers in Australia include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures in their classrooms.

Above all, NEO-Learning is a powerful force for reconciliation, and will empower teachers to feel confident in delivering First Nations content in the classroom and drive understanding of First Nations’ perspectives. Children will encounter living culture on Ngarluma country with dynamic interactive exercises and powerful compelling content.

NEO-Learning has been developed through the Telstra Foundation’s Tech4Good program with over 1,000 children taking part in the early piloting of the initiative.

It is now launching as a membership platform for teachers, underpinned by a social impact model which champions the bright young future of Roebourne. At the Digital Lab in Roebourne, First Nations young people are developing new digital skills, discovering new vocational pathways, and taking on leadership opportunities.

NEO-Learning is produced by Big hART, which has worked in over 50 communities across Australia, garnering over 45 awards. Big hART has created award-winning youth programs for close to 30 years, accruing Institute of Criminology Awards, a World Health Organisation Award and producing acclaimed projects with schools across the country.

We thank our supporters – NEO-Learning is proudly supported by the Telstra Foundation’s Tech4Good Program, Lotterywest, The Tony Foundation, Australian Government’s RISE Fund, Fortescue Metals Group and Restore Hope Foundation.