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NEO-Learning is an education platform a decade in the making. We built this place for primary school teachers and students to give access to quality First Nations digital arts content, resources and live virtual experiences.

We are an education platform for all Australian primary schools, and students from all backgrounds. We source, create and develop content direct from our Digital Lab in Roebourne, Western Australia. NEO-Learning champions the digital arts movement via futuristic content and modes of online learning.

We empower teachers to feel confidence so we can deliver First Nations content in the classroom, together. We support by developing fun classroom lessons and workshops with prompts that relate back to your local regions. We build this content with communities, so that students can access digital arts, with learning outcomes in at least one core subject, to meet the needs of our curriculum.

The benefits of NEO-Learning

We meet your teaching responsibilities with engaging, award-winning content, providing an incredible learning experience for you and your students – including guided content, live virtual lessons and workshops.

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Cross Curricular Content

Our lessons, activities, virtual classrooms and workshops have a focus on Digital Arts and always cover at least one other core subject, to fulfil cross curricular priorities.

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Future Focused Learning.

We experiment in emerging technologies while respecting ancient knowledge. Students are our future; we inspire them to dream up a whole new world.

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Community Partnership.

NEO-Learning drives positive social change with the community of leramugadu (Roebourne, WA). At the Digital Lab, we build capacity and skills in our young artists.

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  • “I enjoyed reading the NEOMAD chapter because I got to learn about the cultures and names, and what things mean. Learning online was fun!”

    Student  – Perth, Western Australia

  • “We’ve never done anything like this before”

    Cathy Kepa, Teacher

  • “NEO-Learning is a contemporary First Nations education experience with the power to change”

    Reconciliation Australia

  • “NEO-Learning has been a fantastic way that we can broaden our students’ experiences to appreciate and build empathy towards our First Nations people”

    Nathan Schultz, Teacher

  • “It’s golden curriculum stuff”

    Mr Shaun, Teacher

  • “Having strong digital literacies and a digital literacy curriculum is a critical component of a contemporary model of schooling”

    Andrew Kelly, Principal

  • “We get to practise our computer skills, and it’s just a really fun lesson to do”

    Student  – Adelaide, South Australia

NEO-Learning was born on
Ngarluma Ngurra

NEO-Learning acknowledges Ngarluma, Yindjibarndi, Banjima, Marduthunera, Guruma, Nyiyaparli, Kariyarra and all custodians nationally past, present and future.